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    Fils-Aime on Netflix deal: Wii's lack of HD is not a loss for Wii owners

    According to W.ii.qj.net,

    Nintendo and Netflix announced yesterday that the latter's movie streaming service will finally be coming to the Wii this spring. The announcement spurred some discussion regarding the Wii's lack of HD capability and its effect on the Netflix deal, but according to NoA president Reggie Fils-Aime, no HD doesn't mean Wii owners are getting the short end of the stick.

    Speaking to CNBC, Fils-Aime said the following:
    First, off and I’m sure Reed [Hastings, Netflix CEO] would support this is, the vast majority of content that is available for streaming through Netflix is not HD content. So, there is really no loss for the Wii consumer – the fact that they can’t get any HD content through our system.

    But, even more importantly than that, the consumer has voted. Over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii. The consumer is saying, for them, the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment, the overall value of that experience and that is really what has propelled us.
    Fils-Aime also expounded on the future of the Wii in the interview, reiterating that Nintendo want to add more and more features to their waggle box until they've "totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii".
    heres the link...i cant embedded the video. http://www.qj.net/qjnet/wii/fils-aim...ii-owners.html

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    This is good news. I already have netflix on my 360 which is upstaris, but my wii is connected to my big screen so i cant wait.

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    I am happy that Netflix is finally coming to the Wii. I have been thinking about buying one of those Roku boxes, but now I'll hold off until I get my update disk for the Wii from Netflix.

    I may still get the Roku HD box, depending on the quality of the stream. I have a fast connection, which shouldn't be a problem wirelessly either. The only thing that worries me is that the quality will be awful in SD. Sure, it looks fine on a computer screen in SD, but on my big screen tv?
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