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    Firmware Updates

    I bought a used we about 9 mos ago. How do I do a proper firmware update?

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    there is a section on one of the 3 setup pages for the updates i believe. Hook it up to the net and i think it does it by itself

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    ^ I think that sounds right if you want to manually update or check for updates

    Also, many game disks will come with the latest firmware update and will update your system before you can play the game.

    Typically Nintendo will send a message to your Wii if there is a new update available, with the option to "update now" (usually about a week or two after the update is actually available, so everyone doesn't update at once). So if you have gotten one of those messages and updated, you probably have the latest version. If you have had your wii for 9 months, and it has been connected to the internet, and you have it set to standby mode, you probably have the latest update.
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