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    so, for RE and FPS games what controller is ideal then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlaYer84 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Moi View Post
    First of all, which Resident Evil game will you buy? since 2 are on-rail shooters so best controller is wii zapper or perhaps the pump action shotgun (very cool zapper replacement), the other games are resident evil 4 which I personally like best with wiimote and nunchuk but also has gamecube controller support and the others are remakes of old resident evils ( old but still great) you can also choose between classic controller or wiimote with nunchuk but isn't like in Resident evil 4, which suits you the best I suppose

    and for Call of Duty, I use the wii zapper, good for accuracy but very hard to get used to, although you can fully personalize the keys (for Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex, dunno for World at War), you'll see how you like it. and no classic controller can be used on Call of Duty

    Wii zapper sucks.
    Okay, so what do you use and for which games?

    P.S. I heard World at War sucks
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