I have Wii for a while now and I have always felt that the range of the sensorbar / wiimote have been off.

my mom just got a wii now and i feel like her range is better then mine. nintendo replaced my sensorbar once already and i had to replace a wiimote as well.

it seems i cannot get the hand to show up on the screen unless i am 5-6 ft from the sensorbar. once i get it to show up the range in which i can use it expands to at least 12 ft but once the remote goes idle again i cannot get the hand back unless i move closer.

my question is now with netflix coming to wii (which i want to subscribe) how can i control the wii from the counch if the couch is like 12 ft from the sensorbar?

is there a sensorbar range extender that I can find somewhere?

also what is the optimal sensitivty setting for sensorbar?

thanks for the help!!!