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    Choosing external hard drive

    Hey everyone,
    I was just thinking of getting an external hard drive for my Wii. I just wanted to know that should I get one with a fan in it or is it okay to use one without fan. I know I can easily buy one if I didnt care about the fan. I m gonna have to build one if I want the fan. but thats not a problem at all. Just wanted to know if fan is recommended or not since I might be playing for a long time.


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    The Wii can't use an external HDD. The only one of this current generation of consoles is a PS3 (although I remember hearing somewhere about 360's and laptop hard drives).

    The Wii can use SD cards however. If you're downloading a lot of games or looking for memory expansion, the Wii can save and read directly from the SD card. Not sure, but I think there's an upper limit to the amount of space on an SD card you can use, but I think you'll have to research that to get a reliable answer.

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