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    Reggie: Nintendo Not Considering Successor to Wii Quite Yet

    This is according to qii.nintendolife

    The face of a man not in a hurry

    Says technology enables fun, but is not the means itself.

    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has spoken about a successor to the Wii, be it Wii 2 or Wii HD, in a recent interview with Forbes. Talking about plans for a new platform and high definition, Reggie reveals that Nintendo is not thinking seriously about the next system and that the company is not interested in HD just to have HD.

    When asked about the next system, and if any innovative jumps will be made, Reggie responded:
    The way we approach that innovation, because we have hardware developers working side by side with software developers, is that when the software developer comes forward with an idea that can't be executed on the current platform, that's when we start thinking seriously about the next system. We're not there yet, from a Wii perspective.
    And speaking on high definition, Reggie went on to say:
    For us, technology is not an endpoint. Technology is an enabler for fantastic consumer experiences. So from a hardware standpoint, we are always looking at technology. But in the end, the technology has to enable a new, unique experience.

    So when people talk about high definition for the Wii console, our feedback is that that by itself will not create a brand new experience. Therefore, we're not interested. What we have to push for are groundbreaking new experiences. Technology has to enable it, not to be a means all by itself.
    Reggie also talks about the competition from Apple, Microsoft and Sony, in the full interview, along with Nintendo's thoughts about digital distribution and DLC.
    Via forbes.com

    Hello, hey Regg man, Regganator, this isn't the 80's anymore early 90's anymore they got the technology they can build it, if they build it, the people will come.

    Seriously though Reggie might be saying this for Nintendo fans NOT up get there hopes up, but the Big N might be secretly working on a successor. IDK.

    Why not make it read blu-ray movies or just plain DVD's this surely they could just make a patch for i think. Make the wii into a omelet maker or a toaster too.
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