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    help required!! i cant remove the batteries!

    hi all,
    just wondered if anyone can help. i've just got a wii second hand (apparently in full working order) it all seems to work ok except that the remotes arent fully effective. some functions worked earlier but there was no cursor. i tried re-synchronising them as per wii-troubleshooting (holding the button down for 15 seconds etc) with no luck. now neither of them do anything. i've tried to remove or replace the batteries but they're contained in a plastic jacket (not sure if this is standard or not ??) but i can't seem to get them out. removing them isnt standard like in tv remotes etc. all four LED lights have worked at some point on both remotes but never at the time of synchronisation. the battery power also seemed ok when it came up on a menu page earlier - though now the remotes wont even work to get me that far.
    i'm not sure if i'm being daft or not but please help!!!
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    u should take an expert help............

    he can show the solution................

    best of luck !!!!!!!!!!

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