Hey guys! I have today received the component cable kit for the Wii. Until now I have been playing the Wii on an 84" projector in my living room via a composite lead. This is fine for Wii Sports but no good for real gaming (more of a novelty!).

I have an X2VGA2 box which is supposed to convert composite HDTV into VGA. I have tried this on each of my 19" TFTs but they all just say OUT OF RANGE. I then tried it on a friends 15" TFT and had the same result. I don't know if you are familiar with the X2VGA2 but it has a light on the front indicating the current res. It says that the Wii is running at 480p (solid red LED). However I have not found any screen that can display this!! Does anybody else here run the Wii through a TFT? If so, how??! I have DVI and VGA but would prefer to use VGA since I am using the DVIs on each screen for my PC.

HELP PLEEEASE!! Can I set the Wii to run at 720?? I saw an option to change the res when I was running it on my projector (to 5xx I think - sounded odd at the time) but that made the projector go crazy and everything badly overlapped on the screen. I then had to blindly navigate back and set it to 480 again.

So. Has anyone got this working on a TFT? Ideally with an X2VGA2? My three screens are AG Neovo F-419s.

Thanks guys.