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    Wii as a Ethernet Bridge

    I have a Wii and it is hooked up to my wireless network... Good stuff.
    I have a BlueRay device that is near the HDTV that ONLY has a Ethernet port, non-wireless. Anyone know if i can use an ethernet cable and cable the blue-ray to the Wii so that the Wii acts as a bridge and allows my blue Ray to have internet access.


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    i'm ok (no where near great) at networking, but i'm going to have to say no to this.

    this is what i did.
    i didnt want to buy wireless network cards for my pc, xbox, and other pc.
    the wireless router is downstairs (DIR-655)
    i purchased a "WIRELESS BRIDGE" (DAP-1522 $90 i got it when the xbox wireless adapter was the same price as it)
    think of it as a switch but it connects wirelessly to your router.


    the reason why i went with D-Link on the wireless bridge is because the Linksys had a single input port which didnt help me at all. the D-Link has 4.

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