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    My Wii Will Not Turn On.

    So its may, and i have had my wii since christmas. I haven't played it for maybe two or three months now. So i decide to try and turn it on and play Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a couple of friends, and it wont turn on anymore.

    The light was orange, i hit the power button, nothing happens. I unplugged it several times. When i plug it back in, the light would go red. I would hit the power button, and the light would go green but nothing would happen what so ever.

    I unplugged it and let it sit overnight and i still have the same problem. Any help that will help me with the power of HELP? Answers would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: If it is dead i still have a friggin game disc inside of it.

    - DocJ

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    I know how you feel, my wii wont turn on either, ever since the power went out. I just got the game Just Dance 4 as an early christmas present, and now i cant get it out. But my wii wont turn on or have any lights

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