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    Broken Wii...should I replace dvd drive or buy new one...still want my online data?

    Hey all...new to this forum, but wanted your expert opinions. My daughter recently put a dvd into my wii while it was runnning a game, and hence, broke the dvd drive. After purchasing a triwing screwdriver (thanks Nintendo for that stupid idea) and spending a few hours tinkering with the thing it is verifiably shot.
    So do I buy a new wii (the black ones are nice)
    or buy a dvd drive for $50.00 (and hope that is the problem)

    the only real issue is if I buy a new wii, are all my online records lost. I'm a level 8 prestige Modern Warfare player, and usually don't care about these things...but that was 12 days of honest/no cheating stats. I don't want to start all over on a new wii. Is this transferable on an SD card?

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    but your new so it's okay and I would suggest buying the new Black Wii they look pretty sick.
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    I suggest sending your unit into Nintendo for repair. I believe out of warranty repairs are still a flat rate of $85. It avoids any further damage to your Wii, and you will keep any information exclusive to your console.

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