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    Wii freezing after fan replacement

    Hey everybody,
    So I recently opened up my wii to do some hardware replacement on it. I replaced the original fan, which had stopped working, with the Talismoon fan (powered by the 5v circuit). Installation was relatively easy, everything went back the way it was supposed to. (BTW, my wii is 2 years out of warranty now, otherwise I would have sent it in for a legitimate repair).

    Anyways, now when I start up my wii, it powers on fine, will turn on via wiimote, and will bring up the H&S screen. About 5 seconds after loading the main menu, the wii will no longer respond to the wiimote. The remote still thinks it's connected, and the audio and visual things on the menu still work fine, but when I try to resync the remote, it will not pick it back up again.

    Tried resyncing, restarting and other general fixes. Hope someone can help me out.

    ETA: Hahahhahaha I'm a moron. Opened it back up, reversed the wiring, works like a charm now!
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    try leving wii desconected from the power all day and the wiimote

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