I keep getting a Weird Juddering on my wiimote. I have sent it to Nintendo at least 3 times and the problem is still persiting, Seeing as Nintendo don't seem to be much help hoping you guys the experts can help me out. I've got no idea what is causing it, i've changed the batteries, checked if there are any additional light sources, changed the sensitivity options and even used a different sensor bar. Its driving me crazy and its making me think that i'm the only one thats seeing it. This can cause gameplay
problems too when i have my classic controller hooked up to play a game, like Muramasathe characters would be having fits on
the spot if they are ducking or jumping. I would have made a clip of that but i no longer own the game.

Also getting audio issues from the wii remote speaker too, crackly and cuts in and out.

Really appreciate any help or info guys.