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    Nyko's wired "Wing," is it any good?

    I was browsing the local Gamestop and saw that they had a blue, non-wireless version of the Nyko Wing for $14. It 'looks' pretty cool, but how well does it function? I would like opinions from people who actually owned and used this controller. I'd mainly like details about the feel and accuracy of the D-Pad (does it have issues with misinterpreting a Left or Right as a Diagonal?) If the zL and zR are rubber contact buttons or still the same clicky buttons from Nintendo's flat Classic, if Start Home Select are also rubber contact buttons or clicky buttons, how well the analog L and R feel when you depress them, how well the YXBA feel and how good the analog sticks are (personally I love the octo-gates on Nintendo's models but I've used controllers that didn't have them before).

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