I recently bought an hd monitor so that I could play my consoles at higher resolutions. This worked great for my PS3 and I've decided that I want to play my wii on the same monitor. Being that I can't simply plug in an hdmi cable into the back of the wii I did some research and found this cable:


It seemed like a perfect solution. But when I plug in the wii with this cord the screen yields nothing.

I've even tried to make sure that it wasn't simply a settings problem by memorizing the steps needed to set the Wii to 480p... though its very hard to do when all you have is memory and sound... but it seems that the 480p option is washed out and I cannot click on it, just like if i had it connected to a non-hdtv.

So I'm curious if I'm going to have to just suck it up and by a converter box or if there is some kind of cable I can just buy to easily connect my wii from Component to VGA...

Thanks for any advice and here's my current monitor just in case that helps.