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Thread: Wii vs XBox 360

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    Is this meant to be a poll?

    If so, then Wii

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiiaretheworld
    What do you think is the average age of the people in this forum? I'm 29! It seems like I'm the only one that thinks of the Wii or XBox 360 as just a video game system...
    I am 31

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    Quote Originally Posted by i eat nintendo wiis
    This is a pretty helpful link; it compares all 3 next-gen consoles:
    Next-gen gaming console shootout: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 vs. Nintendo Wii - CNET Reviews
    that is really biased... for instance, they say the 360 has 10 mb of video ram, when it has 512 mb shared w/ the cpu, and that the 10 mb of video ram is really fast
    Spoiler Alert!

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    I once had a 360

    I just sold my 360 got sick of the sameoldsameold. All shooters you get sick of the games very easy. I got gears of war got sick of it in a week and what are you saying the 360 has better response time. you havn't played wii online. I have to admit i will kind of miss my 360 that is untill i get my wii. Soon i hope the graphics on the 360 aren't what you would expect true, they are good, but not that good. the 360 also has a lot of problems makes random grinding noises gets very hot to quick lags up alot even freezes up to 5 times a day. i just saw the screenshots for halo 3 i might give in during the summer and pick up another 360 just to play that game other than that go with the wii $250 or up to $500 for the 360

    Bouke out

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