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    Wii-mote up button problems

    My wife and I are Dr. Mario Rx online addicts. We're seeing a doctor about it.... nightly.
    Recently, however, we've noticed that the up-button on one of our wii-motes (which causes the pill in the game to slam down in location -so it is much used), causes the active pill to "hook" to the left, and I'm not sure this is something our "doctor" is trained for. The wii-mote is a year and a half old -could it be wearing out already? We don't hit the buttons hard, and I can't imagine the up button gets any more wear than the side/side or A/B buttons. Could there be anything else at play here, or do you think it's shot and should be replaced?

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    that is odd ... it sounds like you're not pressing up cleanly, as the dpad is very small. try it on some other games first, and if you're still convinced it's broken, try looking around small hobby shops for a cheap replacement. who knows you might even sell the old wiimote for parts ... any event good luck.

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