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    Should a surge protector be used with a Wii?

    Hi. I'm new here and I just got a Wii.

    Should my Wii be plugged into a surge protector or directly into a wall outlet?

    I live in an area where the power will go out for a few seconds every couple of months. Sometimes the power will go out several times in a row. Because of this, I plug all of my expensive electronics into a surge protector. Also, sometimes certain appliances pull a lot of electricity and certain outlets are affected by it, I guess they're on the same circuit or something. For example, if someone is using a blow dryer in the bedroom the lamp in the next room will dim while the blow dryer is in use. Some lamps dim temporarily when the heat comes on. I'm told this happens because the electric in the house is "piggybacked". I don't know what that means. I just don't want my Wii to get damaged because of these problems. But then I read all the stuff about resetting the Wii and not using a surge protector and it leaves me feeling confused.

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    The Nintendo Wii has a "brick" style plug-in that was designed for power outages. Plus, the base of the system (if standing Vertical) has a litium battery. If the power goes out the battery will take over (BUT NOT WHEN SAVING Wii GAME DATA).

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