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    Wii Controller Cutting Out

    For a while now, I've had a big problem with the Wii Remote cutting out while playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It doesn't happen with any other game for some reason, but while playing Brawl, the signal will randomly cut out for a split second.

    So if you start charging across the screen, your character will stop, start, stop, start. Charging up smashes or any attack is virtually impossible, and sometimes it will even read a single button press as a double button press. It's most apparent, though, if you just hold down to crouch, as your character will go into and out of the crouch in an irregular pattern.

    This happens both in combat and the menus. It happens with Wii Remote, numchucks, and classic controller, but doesn't happen with wireless gamecube controllers that are 3-4 years older than the Wii controllers. The same controllers don't have the problem on other Wiis. We've already tried resincing it multiple times and we've set it up and taken it down to play it at other peoples' houses and the same problem happens. The only thing we haven't tried is changing the disc.

    And that's all the information I have. Any idea what could be causing this or how to fix it?

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    Try changing the disc. If that doesn't help, try reporting the problem to Nintendo. Worst case scenario would be is that you have to buy a replacment console which can be found on EBay or Amazon
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    Wooden cutting boards require a little extra care to ensure they will last a long time and keep you safe from any food borne bacteria.

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    What does a wooden cutting board have to do with a wii.

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    JecsDuminy is spamming in alot of threads about woode cutting boards
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