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    wii turns off wen cd inserted

    hey guys can anybody please help me out with this. My Wii turns off when I insert a game disc. The Wii tries to read the disc and then turns off. The Wii is fine when not trying to read a disc. I inserted couple of different discs but it turns off still. I can't even eject the discs without simultaneously pressing on and reset and eject.
    This Wii was fine before, I've never had problems with discs before.
    I tried inserting discs positioning Wii horizontally and vertically.
    No error message comes up. It just turns off.
    I don't use GameCube discs.


    thank u

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    If you haven't had it for 1 year (Or bought it used) call Nintendo 1-800-255-3700. They've helped repair my system and paid the shipping both ways.

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    Ya, send it back to Nintendo if you can. If not, then you can get a replacement console off of EBay or Amazon. Heres a link to one on EBay
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