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    Wiimote D-Pad Navigation

    Hello, everyone.

    I would first like to note that this may be a "strange" question considering the circumstances.

    My wife surprised me with a Nintendo Wii today as a Thanksgiving/early Christmas gift. It has been wonderful thus far; it has actually helped my wife and I to bond, and I am very grateful for that.

    Here is my question: I am a partially blind user (yes, blind people play video games, too! ). I tried to navigate the Wii menus using the pointer functionailty of the Wiimote, but in order for me to do some things in gaming, I must be close to the TV. Being so close to the TV to start a game ro navigate to different areas fo the Wii dashboard does not seem to work using the pointer method, as my proximity to the TV seems to be too close for the sensor bar (I hope that my terminology is correct; I'm sorry, I am completely new to the Wii). is there any way at all to navigate the Wii menus using the D-Pad rather than the pointing method? if there is, wonderful! If not, I'll figure out another workaround. I'm not going to let something like this discourage me.

    Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    As mentioned before, I know this is an odd question. I have played video games for many years, and I really enjoy them despite the fact that things take me longer because of my poor vision.

    Thanks for any help.

    Take care.

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    You can't use other method except certain games (as I know Monster Hunter Tri and etc.) Try to put the sensor bar on the top of your TV. I put it there and there is no problem. That is true, sometimes you must get close to the TV, but at all, Wii is a good console. Try it up!

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    If you need to be close to the TV, I would try this; Click the "Wii" Globe at the Bottom Left Corner of the Wii Main Menu → Then click "Wii Settings" or the Wrench image → Once there you'll have three pages of options, go to page 2 by clicking the "+" button (To the "Right" of the "Home" Button) → Go to "Sensor Bar" and then to "Sensitivity". I would try to set the Sensitivity from 1-3, follow the On screen instructions. This helps depending on how close you are to the TV, if you're dead close, try Sensitivity 1.

    You can use a Wii Classic Pro controller to Navigate the Wii Main Menu (by Joystick) and some games, but some channels limit only the Wiimote. You can also use the controller for Virtual Console Games or Certain Wii Games.
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    Like said, Try a classic controlle or classic pro controller to plug into your wii mote, so you can use the joy stick to navigate around.

    Try putting it the furthest away possible from the screen(i mean in depht), without without anything in the way of your wiimote and sensor.

    Unless your tv in hung to the wall, if its a flatscreen it should have a base... which is usually a couple inches behind the actual screen... maybe you chould use those couple inches?

    If all else fails, it sounds stupid, but sometimes i do it when im picking stuff up and such in front of the tv while turning the wii on, take your arm the furthest away possible behind your head(or furthest away below near your waist) and try aiming at the screen, it'll be annoying, but you only need to do so until you see the cursor and put it over the selected icon.
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