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    What's wrong with my controller?

    I just got my wii on Christmas, I have a total of three controllers...one works perfectly, one works but twitches a little bit and the other is almost completely useless. The two that don't really work twitch all over the screen even when it's not being moved and it wont move to where you want it to.

    I did check the sensitivity, the working one shows two bars and so does the partially working one. The one that doesn't really work shows way more than two dots but it's on the lowest sensitivity setting so it wont go any lower.. Is there a way to save this or does it just need to be returned?

    The wii remote is also FULLY charged. We tried both batteries and a rechargable battery pack.
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    You might want to return the two controllers. They've probably been mishandled within the store and that might be the reason for failure.

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