hello, im just new to forums so please bare with me if i make a mistake.
just got a wii (xmas present) and im having problems with it. when its connected to our main tv, a panasonic 42"plasma, the controller seems to go loopy when we start a game. ie: it works fine on the home screen, but when we start wii sports the problems begin. in the golf game the "A" button does not seem to work so we cannot move close to the ball to hit it. we can swing the club ok. in the bowling game, the "B" button does not work and the ball always ends up going backwards !! also noticed that the hand pointer sometimes dissappears on some screens.
i have resynched the controllers a couple of times and checked the sensor sensitivity ok.
in deperation I plugged the wiii into an old crt tv in another room and everything works fine. also took it back to shop, they connected it to a BIG screen plasma or lcd and it worked ok.
please, can anyone help ?