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    Two problems (Mii Channel and Settings)

    Hi, I just joined this forum, but have owned the Wii since it launched.

    I booted up the Wii last night to try to add Netflix to it and discovered two problems.

    First, when it booted, I got a message stating there was a problem with the Mii Channel, and that I should check it out to make sure everything was okay. I did so and everything looked good, but when I exited, I got the same error. Several reboots did not remove that message.

    Second, and most critical, is that I cannot access Wii Settings. Every time I do, the screen goes black and everything becomes nonresponsive. I went there hoping there might be an update which would fix the Mii Channel issue, but I can't even do that.

    Any ideas and help?


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    now this is weird. mabye its just old.
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    I would say give Nintendo customer service a call.

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