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    wii not showing picture or sound.

    ok so here is my problem. this will be a LONG post but please bear with me and help me out by reading. i have had this wii since launch date. infact i went to the midnight launch to get it. it has been working fine up untill about half a year or a year ago i believe which is when my problems with it started. i will try to describe the problem in detail the best i can.

    first off the wii turns on fine. the green light comes on and the disk inside starts spinning like everything is normal. but the problem is the picture nor sound shows up on screen. infact i get no signal at all. its as if the AV cables are not pluged in what so ever. but like i said i had this problem for about a year or less so i have tried everything possible and i am 1000% sure all of the cables are connected correctly and its on the right channel. i even tried hooking it up to numerous TVs.

    but here is the real kicker. VERY VERY rarely the system will actually work. i have the wii on and off numerous times for it to actually show a picture and sound so i can start playing it. usually it took like 50 times or so of me turning it off and on for it to actually work properly.

    this method was working fine for awhile and i just told myself "well i guess ill just have to keep turning it off and on and it should work". now i did stop playing my wii for awhile. the last time i played it was in august of 2010 i think. i had a sudden urge to play super mario galaxies on friday (because i never actually beat it yet) in preparation for super mario galaxies 2.

    so i got my wii out of the closet to start playing it and of course it didnt work the first time of me turning it on. so i thought to myself "omg not this again...." so i turned it on and off about 5 times and it worked and it wasnt so bad since i only had to do it 5 times. so i went to update the wii because i havent updated it in forever, and this is where it really went to hell.

    the update was taking forever. and not just the "omg 30mins to long!!!!111" type of forever. no, i wish it was that short. the update was taking 4 (FOUR) hours to complete and it never did compete. it stayed at 80% completion for like 4 hours straight, and yes i counted.... i was so scared of turning the wii off in fear of it never coming on again like before but i had no other choice because the update was not finishing...

    so with no other option i turned the wii off in the middle of the 4 hour long update and tried turning it back on and nothing... this time its alot worst tho. remember when i said i just had to turn it off and on a number of times for it to work? well that doesnt work anymore. i had to have turned the thing on and off like 200 times since friday morning and it still doesnt work...

    now the only thing i havent tried is buying a new AV cable. but i have no idea if its the AV cable or the wii itself and i dont want to waste money buying a new AV cable just to find out that it still wont work.

    i do not think my wii is bricked. i never played any burnt games on it and i never played imported games on it. i never tried to mod it either. ive only played legit games on it that i bought straight from gamestop. not only that but i dont even get a "black screen". there is no signal on my AV channel at all as if the AV cables were not plugged in.

    do any of you guys have an idea on whats going on? is my wii bricked or do i simply just need a new AV cable? im hoping and praying i just need a new AV cable but i wanted to check here first to be sure... thats why i registered to this site to seek some help.

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    Wow. I would suggest calling Nintendo would be your best bet. The customer service reps are pretty good at getting things figured out.
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    ^ I couldn`t say it better myself.

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    It could be the cable, sure no one in your house pull it or slip with it, try to get another one borrowed, just so you can be 100%, but if the cable doesn't work, and the other probs you describe, call Nintendo, also you sure you take proper care of the Wii, you put it in the closet with proper dust/fall protection right?, and last, I Wouldn't recommend to let the Discs inside, a bad fall can damage the cosole and the disc.

    Good Luck!

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