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    So what would people suggest if the wiimotes refuse to re sync with the console.

    Only just got the console today and everything was going peachy until just a short while ago. I was looking at what was available on the Virtual Console, then dropped it back to the system menu only to find I had lost sync, not just the controller I had been navigating scant seconds before but also the other one lieing to one side.

    Now neither one (one that came with the console, and one that was bought extra) will sync with the console.

    I've tried ringing the helpline, but depending on the recorded message you want to believe they are either busy so please hold on, or they are closed despite their opening hours being between 8am-5pm (and I rang at 3.30pm).

    I've sent an email so I guess I will just wait for an official response to the problem.


    Just to update my situation, I found a post by mrvette in the "Faulty WW? Hardware issues?..." thread were he had the exact same thing I did. The solution in his case and thankfully in mine, was to unplug the console for a few minutes and then plug it back in. The controller worked straight away after that without needing to press the sync buttons.
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