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    how to stream video to the wii

    I am pretty new to the wii. Mostly the kids play games on it but I have heard that it will stream video from the computer. I have a wired/wireless network with three desktops and the wii console hardwired to the network over cat 5e cables. I would like to send video from a computer over the network to the wii. Two of the desktops have windows 7 and the third has vista. They are all 64 bit operating systems. Thanks Jim.

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    What you are referring to is using Netflix movies, tv show streaming from the wii or
    unless you are talking about accessing the internet channel and watching youtube videos??

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    i don't think so. an xbox 360 can, but what you described is not an advertised feature of the wii. if it was possible, it would be a modded wii and we don't wanna touch that with a fifty foot pole the wii's best use for that kind of stuff is running a simple flash movie, say youtube, and using the pc for something else at the same time.

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