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    Arcade Stick Help

    I am going to buy an arcade stick for the Wii, but I am conflicted on which to buy.

    The Hori stick seems like a better deal: officially licensed (big deal. everything I own is official) and better manufacturer (compared to MadCatz) The BIG problem with this is the square (why? Christ, why?) gate.

    The Madcatz stick has an octagonal gate (I think) and the stick can be set to match the D-pad or analog stick AND is easy to mod.. if I wanted to.

    I guess my question is: which would you recommend? I play TvC, but I play VC games also. The square gate sucks, but I don't want to void my warranty or anything with the MC stick.

    I hope you guys can help me because I want to buy one or the either pretty soon.

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