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    Nintendo has 'big plans' for Wii in 2011

    At Nintendo's Japanese investor's meeting today, Satoru Iwata revealed that the company has "big plans" for Wii in 2011. For Japan, at least.

    "We have not released any new Nintendo software titles for Wii, except for The Last Story (Japanese Title) in January, partly because we have focused on the launch of Nintendo 3DS since the beginning of this year," Iwata said. "Therefore, some in Japan seem to have the misunderstanding that Nintendo has given up making efforts on Wii. We are actually ready to release new Wii software titles every month from May to the end of this year. Today I'd like to tell you about our definite plan for this summer."

    This statement goes in line with what Reggie Fild-Aime has said previously. As it stands, the only Wii titles on the horizon are The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Pandora's Tower, a new Kirby title, and Wii Play Motion.
    via GoNintendo

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    Dosen't sound like much that ninty gonna do on wii (along with the rumured price drop to $150 US dollars within the next month or so...).

    Sounds like they'll mostly focus on the 3DS and their NEW upcoming home console while the lowbrow 3rd party companies release the remaining dogcrap on the system to keep it afloat for a little while.
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    i'm interested in all those games, getting the last story and pandora's tower in north america would be a huge accomplishment and especially when the wii will meet it's successor soon. nice post

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    Don't forget Xenoblade, although it might not get released outside of Japan.
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