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Thread: Remote question

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    Remote question

    I have a glass top coffee table that sits between the sensor bar and the sofa where I sit and play.
    I notice once in awhile the remote seems to get a little hinky and wondered if the glass could be causing any interference by reflecting the magical beams coming from the remote?
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    Don't cross the beams, don't aim at glass... same thing, really. You don't want your coffee table to melt, so you best move it.

    If the Infrared the Wii Remote uses to communicate with the Wii does come in contact with the glass, it could definitely screw with the controls. I believe what glass does, is disrupt or distort the Infrared, or partially reflecting it away from where you're aiming the Wii remote. So yes, it might be a good idea to move the coffee table or sit at a longer distance from it.

    If your sensor bar isn't at the top of the TV, it might help to change that. If you do this, make sure to go to the Wii's options, and find the "Sensor Bar" tab to change it to calibrate for being on top of the TV.
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    You might want to move it to a different room or get 2 sets of cables so you can move the Wii from the rooms when you want to play. That's what I did at my house so I wouldn't have to deal with parents. It could be a solution to a couple of things; you can say things you wouldn't want to when some noob on Black Ops pisses you off... Then when your daughter wants to play just simply move it back up. Don't forget to get a mic A.S.A.P. for the clan. Thanks!

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