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    new to wii, best place to buy wii remotes?

    hey everyone. sorry for the glaring n00b post but i desperately need another controller and want to save as much money as possible at the same time. i've been told to go on ebay but it seems that all of the controllers dont specify if they are nintendo made or third party, and as this is part of a gift i dont want to give anything but nintendo products(unless there is some cheaper, superior one that a consensus would agree on). so where (online or in greater vancouver) should i be looking to purchase this item? thanks for the help!

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    You're far better off with nintendo's own wiimotes. you can get wiimotes with built in wii motion plus, and of course the wii play (game) + wiimote package can still be found in some stores.

    Apart from the usual video game stores some places might suprise you. Try walmart, target, best buy, or any large store that deals in bulk. I like buying used but you would really have to know a used video game store well to know you're getting a good deal on a refurbished wiimote.

    and don't be afraid to use the phone book or otherwise check the internet to get an idea what a good bargain is like. good luck

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