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    Layers of a Nintendo GameCube disc

    I bought a used game for the Nintendo GameCube (for the Nintendo Wii) called The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It had a circle (a scratch) on the label side of the disc. I heard that the label side is closest to where the data is read and that it could really damage it. I played the game and it froze up a few times on me. But I wish to know whether it's the game console itself having problems or the game.

    According to here, the GameCube disc is like a miniDVD:


    And the layers of a DVD are here:


    So even if my GameCube disc does have a scratch on the label side, does the disc have the polycarbonate layer right underneath the labeled layer to protect the data? The reason I ask this is because the GameCube disc is a different type of disc and I'm wondering if it does have both polycarbonate layers just like a normal DVD disc.

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    label scracthes do mess it up try buying a disc cleaner from game stop or something maybe get a new one (if you can that is). if all fails well game over. ask nintend o about the layers if you can that is.

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