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    Tri Wing Screwdrivers

    Hey everyone. Since this site is dedicated to the Nintendo Wii I thought I would share a site with you where you can get the tri wing screwdriver needed to take apart Nintendo stuff. I've found some other places that sell tri wing screwdrivers but most of them ship directly from China or Hong Kong so it takes forever to get to you.

    www.noadvertising.org has tri wing screwdrivers and they ship them for free. If you are in the US you should be able to get one from them in just a few days. They also ship anywhere in the world, it just takes a little longer to ship there (the shipping is still free).
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    The screwdriver has a warranty, but ironically kills your own Wii's warranty. All us Wiichatters do appreciate the thought, but Nintendo really doesn't want us to take apart our own consoles, considering 99% of people have no idea what they're doing, and would break it further. Or mod it, which is even worse.

    Also, no advertising.

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