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    Nintendo gets sued anew over Wii technology

    It took a long while for them to do it, but Wavit Remote makers ThinkOptic has finally brought Nintendo to court because of the Wii.

    Now, patent lawsuits like this aren't anything new for Nintendo, especially after they launched the Wii console, but what's unique to this case is that ThinkOptic has also included manufacturers and retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Nyko Technologies, Imation, GameStop, RadioShack, and JC Penney as defenders.

    According to the lawsuit, Nintendo infringed upon U.S. Patent Number 7, 796,116, or the "Electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system" patent.

    "The rejection of [...] applications - assigned to Nintendo Co. Ltd. - based on the 116 patent is proof that Nintendo defendants knew or should have known of the objective risk that one or more of their products infringed at least one claim of at least the 116 Patent," read the complaint.

    Because of this, ThinkOptic is praying for an injunction from the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Texas against any products that vioate the patent, on top of royalties, attorney's fees, and of course, monetary reparation for profits that they allegedly lost.

    Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter, but last we heard, a jury trial was also requested. Back in April, a patent for "Wii Light" was uncovered, which was originally applied for in 2009.
    Via TechCrunch

    Wavit Remote by ThinkOptic
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    It's little late now for this.
    Good thing the WiiU will use a tablet :P
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    Shoulda went for Sony and their PSMove shit, they're hurting for money more than Nintendo and may not be able to afford Robert Kardashian as per the usual lawsuit shenanigans...
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