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    wiimote problems

    Having problems with my wiimote. Cant get the hand to come up on the screen to change anything. All other buttons work except for that. Any suggestions? thanks

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    could be sunlight interfering with it....

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    I had this problem only once; I couldn't figure it out until I called a support representative from Nintendo. This may not necessarily be the cause of your Wiimote's problems, but rarely a gear or two gets stuck inside the Wii Remote. This can cause the cursor to disappear off screen, but all the buttons to remain working.

    In order to get the gears moving again, all you had to do is slap the Wiimote onto your palm with a good amount of force, and any jammed parts should unjam (your palm is recommended since it's incredibly unlikely you'll do any sort of damage to the Wiimote, any other surface might not be firm enough, or too hard). Just make sure you don't hurt yourself, hahah.

    If this doesn't help, please give me some more details. Are the batteries on the verge of empty? Is there a heavy light (artificial or natural sunlight) in the room you play the Wii? Is the Sensor Bar fully plugged in? Have you tried resetting the Wiimote with the red button found in the battery compartment, or tried disconnecting and reconnecting at all?
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