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Thread: Wii remote keeps turning on and off

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    Wii remote keeps turning on and off

    Yes, I have fresh batterys. Yes, it's synced.
    The remote turns off often and the only thing that seems to work for a while is to press/squeeze a little bit the wiimote.
    And then again after a few minutes of playing it turns off. So on...
    It turns off really often when I press + or - in a game.
    Please help - my wii has no warranty left and I have to fix it myself.

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    Do you have one remote? Or do you have several and they all have the same problem?
    If it's one remote, then the problem is probably with the controller itself. Getting a new controller should fix the problem.
    If it's the same issue with several remotes, get one new remote anyway to make sure the problem isn't the controllers. If the same issue occurs, then it's more than likely your Wii is broken.
    A Wii no longer under warranty can still be sent to Nintendo to be repaired: You just have to pay for the repairs instead of it being free. It'll run you about $70-$80, but it'll more than likely fix your problem.
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    Oh god I came back after a couple years for kicks and I have no idea what's going on now.

    wut do halp plz

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    Yep, just confirming all of what Volcarona said. If it's a single controller, replacing it should fix the problem: if you don't have a second controller to test with, try figuring out if anyone you know owns a Wii and borrow their remote. If multiple remotes are having this strange problem, an official nintendo repair would be best.
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