I've looked all over for this and found similar but not the same problem I'm having(hints me posting). My remote has to be re-synced each time you turn the wii on...if you switch to anything other then the wii menu it disconnects.I have to re-sync all over again.If you go back to the wii menu from whatever you are on, then you have to re-sync. If you're on netflix and you watch a movie an the remote turns itself off, it has to be re-synced. It constantly has to be re-synced. I've tried the unplugging everything, holding the console sync for 15 an 20 secs on the black warning screen at start.None fixes the problem, i've tried every solution ive found on google an nothing works.I've decided to ask. Any ideas how to fix this?

PS-Its not bc of avideo game, and i didnt connect my wii mote to a different wii either.Nothing has been changed.