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    Moving the cursor without waving the Wii remote?

    I am trying to help someone with cerebral palsy to use their Wii. They have difficulty holding the Wii remote steady enough to be able to move the cursor and press the buttons to select from the menus etc.

    So, what options are there for moving the cursor around without having to wave the Wii Remote about? Can you use the Nunchuk joystick to move the cursor around to select buttons/menus (I think I read this somewhere else, but it's not clear)? Can you use any of the buttons on the Wii Remote to move the cursor around the screen? Any other solutions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Wii Remote's cursor will not move using the nunchuck's control stick, or any button on the Wii Remote outside of certain games, if the games have such controls built in. Sorry to hear your acquaintance is having difficulty with the Wii's controls.
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    I believe the classic controller allows you to do this, but it won't necessarily work once you are in a game.

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