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    "An error has occurred. Press the eject button..."

    An error has occurred. Press the eject button, remove the game disk, and turn off the power to the console. Please read the Wii operations manual for further instructions

    I've had my Wii for 4+ years and no problems to speak of... though over the past year or so a few of the discs (Mario Kart is one) have been "noisy" when the Wii reads them.

    Today my wife & son bought me "Doctor Who - Return to Earth", and the disc outright will not play - giving the above error every time.

    Googling, I see the most common report of this error is with the Smash Brawl game due to it being dual layer... Some say cleaning the drive fixes the problem... Others say the drive has been deemed dead. (I also saw one mention of homebrew causing the issue... I did instal homebrew via ZeldaTwil, but have since removed it and ran several OS updates without issue...)

    I've no idea if the Doctor Who game is dual layer or not, but figured I'd give it a clean... After trying briefly to track down an official cleaner, I just opened the Wii up and cleaned the lens manually with a cloth and iso prop alcohol.

    No luck. (The Wii does still operate, and does still play my other discs, so I didn't kill it!)

    I'm going to try get another copy of the game to see if it is a disc issue, but there were no scratches etc... so I don't hold much hope.

    All of my other 20 odd games play - either without any odd noises or a few with some noise...

    Anyone know what actually causes the above error? Is the drive on the way out? Is it a bad game?


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    Well hello there, Wiichatter of olden times. =) Sorry t' hear 'bout your Wii issues.

    About a year ago my own Wii stopped readin' all discs and gave me the very same error. In more recent times it now plays all discs but Brawl. I've had homebrew installed myself, but I'm certain that isn't the cause. It's still on the console, no updates to either the Wii's firmware nor homebrew, from the day I first had disc read issues to the present.

    From my experience, I can tell ya it's either the disc itself or the drive. If your replacement game doesn't work, it's almost certainly the drive. I'd imagine your Wii is quite old 'n long past it's warranty as well, so that might be a problem. If your Wii goes the same way I did, these initial problems will lead to the drive outright dying. I've no clue how to fix it since I've yet to solve my Brawl problems as well...
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    I was in the very same situation as you was in and I had to replace my Wii for it. The Wii couldn't read any of my disks and the game I had the problem with most was ''WarioWare Smooth Moves''. When ever I load a game it would freeze and say ''An error has occurred, please remove the disk and restart the wii etc..''. If I was you, I would either replace the Wii or get it fixed up by Nintendo.

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