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    Wii Remote Cursor Jumping Everywhere

    OK so since I am playing tech support for my family's Wii, I have been all over the internet searching for what could be wrong and I am getting nowhere fast, so I turned here. When either on the menu or playing a game, the cursor is jumping all over, left to right up and down, without any movement of the Wii Remote what so ever. Now these are about 4 years old so I am not sure if it is the controller, sensor bar (also the original), or something else.

    Now before anyone suggests it, I changed the batteries, checked the sensor bar sensitivity, position, nothing is in front of it, it is cleaned off, the Wii Remote is cleaned off. Everything is how it is suppose to be and how it was left before when it worked just fine. So is it something in the controller and I have to just buy new ones or is it something else?

    If the answer is buried somewhere in these forums sorry, but I was not going to dig for it. Thanks for the help people!

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    In the settings there is an option to check the sensor bar sensitivity. Go to that and it will let you see what the Wii-mote is seeing. You should only see 2 white lights. If there are others then that means something is putting off its on IR light thus interfering causing what you described. Change the sensitivity until you only see the 2 lights from the sensor bar or find and remove the interfering sources.
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