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    I put an sd card in the dvd drive. HELP

    I was trying to do too many things at once and I put an SD card in the DVD drive by mistake. Its stuck inside and I dont know how to get it out. Can anyone help me? Is there a way to open the dvd drive itself?

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    Well, that's a problem I've never heard of... Did your Wii actually take in the SD card? If so, I'd imagine the only way to get it out yourself is to purchase a "Tri-wing screwdriver" to open up the Wii and carefully pry it out. If you're not a very technical person, you can contact Nintendo and they'd be able to do it for ya (at a rather pricey cost though, I'd imagine...). For a matter this easily solved by a professional technician, you'd likely be better of finding a store that does unofficial Wii repairs. It'd likely be much cheaper and far quicker since you'd drop it off in-store and probably return for it in a day or two, rather than waiting two weeks for Nintendo to receive, repair and ship it back.
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    I feel bad for your GF/wife, lol. Just kidding. I agree that you likely have to carefully open the thing up and remove it that way. I don't see it likely that it will fall out.

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