Long story short. I play Madden 13 on the Wii. I usually will user control a CB or FS and make mad interceptions. Anyway, when I play the side couple inches of the field are cut off which stops me from seeing what is going on and makes it impossible to play as a CB.

I currently use Component cables. I've tried switching to 16:9 and 4:3, tried changing resolutions and of course tried every different mode I could have tried. I've also spent far to much time on forums like this seeing what other people have done. Some of the more technical ones basically say if I can't change my overscan on my TV, there is nothing to do as Wii no longer uses a "safe zone" which I suppose makes sure that this problem doesn't happen on older HDTVs.

Now when I plug my laptop into that same Vizio HDTV, I use a VGA cable and I am able to adjust screen height, width and position. So my question is this. If I get a VGA cable to plug my Wii in through that same input, will I still be able to adjust height, width and position as this would likely solve my issue? The cable ranges from $25 to $40 so I would like to make sure it will work before I spend that money.