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    Connect to my 2001Fp

    I've been look around at solutions to connect to my 2001fp that has the following open inputs:


    I don't really feel like dropping the money for a decent component to VGA converter so I was thinking I would just try out the composite and see how it looks and if I think it's worth it go for the svideo cable.

    However recently I found out I had a component to svideo converter cable, its a simple female component to male svideo, and was wondering if I should get component cables and then use that for the svideo connection, or if I should just go for the straight to svideo cable. It's the same price either way really, but just wondering if anyone has any information on which one might be better, of if they would preform basically exactly the same.

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    You would be better off getting a Nintendo Wii Svideo cable. The component to Svideo would not look as good.

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    well, considering that the composite cable comes in the box with the Wii, you should probably give that a shot. If that doesn't cut it for you, you can always to buy the S-Video cable later.

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