I'm good with computers but not with audio/video connections, so sorry if this sounds dumb. I have a monitor I am trying to hook my Wii to and it only has HDMI, VGA, or Y/Pb/Pr. I don't have an HDMI cable and I'm trying to avoid buying anything so I wanted to use the component cable that came with the Wii. (the red, yellow, white) I read on another forum that yellow goes to green (Y on the monitor), white goes to blue (Pb), and red goes to red (Pr). I tried this and I get a picture but it is very pixelated and wobbly, not to mention black and white. I also have no sound.

Did I connect the cables right? Do I need to buy something afterall? Another post mentioned some sort of box but I think that was for HDMI? What is the cheapest and easiest way I can do this? Thanks!