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    I have a RVL 101 that plays gamecube games... Or I got tricked... or something...

    OK so I bought a Wii off of ebay and just got it in the mail. It was listed as a RVL 001. Had pics of the gamecube ports and all. Now when I looked under it is says RVL-101 (USA) 2006 Nintendo... Uhhhhh what? SO my first thought is that I just got tricked into buying a 101 that had the case swapped. But none of the screws had the telltale deformities of being turned. So I took it to the local game shop and showed it to them. The guy there swore to me that this Wii had not had the case opened (this guy has no dog in the fight one way or the other). But just to be nice he hooks it up, puts a gamecube game in and sure enough... it loads.

    Sooooo.... have I been misinformed about the models of these systems or am I the only guy in the world with a 101 that plays gamecube games????

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    If there's an actual date on the console that says it's manufactured in '06, then it plays 'Cube games as it rightly should. Model number might be a typo or somethin'.
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