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    having trouble with wii menu and chameleon controller

    someone gave me a wii yesterday. so i went and bought a regular controller (need a charging dock for the other ones, surprised new units dont come with them)... anyhow, i finally figured out how to activate the controller, however at the opening wii menu upon powering up the console, it does not work, and i get no response whatsoever. do i NEED to use the wii remote at this screen?

    im very convused lol, plz help and/or advise

    and jus cuz im dumb lol, how would one charge the wii remote without a charge station. again dumb i know, but i dont understand why the console doesnt come with one, or at least according to nintendo's system spec page, where you look under "whats in the box"....

    ok, so as far as my 2nd post, i see it takes regular batteries lol... still curious about first question plz

    ok, nevermind some of that, i have it synced and working, sorta... im stil at the home menu. when i push the home button on the remote, it shows the remote battery power screen. however, when im on the main menu screen, i see my game in the top left corner, but the remote is still not moving any cursors or allowing me to make a selection... im making progress, lol, only to run into another hiccup......

    OK, lol.. let me correct myself again, i jus dont seem to have a cursor on the menu screen to make a selection with. the batteries are fully charged as they are brand new duracell quantums.

    i can in fact scroll the menu bar, but i have no cursor... bad sensor bar??
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    well i have never used a chamelon controller, i do know that for the wii menu a wii mote needs to be used with the sensor bar, f your using a regular remote than you might need a new sensor bar.

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