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    hey man is the memory card third party? if so which brand? because i have a logic 3 memory card and that works great and it comes out of the slot as a bonus!
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    same problem

    if you haven't already figured how to get it out, i had the same problem with my slot b and got it out by pushing it all the way back in turning off the wii and pushing the card towards the edge with the rounded corners and pulling it out quickly then. If this doesn't work for you i hope you have the best of luck solving your problem.

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    Hey, so I had the same problem now--way in the future. My Madcatz memory card got stuck in slot A (it went in and out of slot B no problem). Squeezing and whatnot wasn't working for me.

    I read on another thread that someone cut a credit card and slid it into the slot with the memory card (on the bottom side of the card) and then pulled the two out together. I don't have any credit cards I'm willing to cut up at the moment, so I grabbed a credit card object (random ID card I don't use) which only had a serial bar rather than a full swipe bar. I didn't want to cut it though, so I thought I'd try it out just shoving the corner in there.

    So I put it in against the memory card. Had to maneuver it just a tiny bit to get it in far enough. I pull on the cards and viola! I have my memory card back. I didn't have to use any extra force to pull it out while the ID card was in there. I checked it out, and the reason the memory card doesn't come out is because there's a random metal strip across the bottom of it that kind of puffs out (which the credit card holds in).

    Being the masochist I am, for the good of Science I decided to put the card back into slot A to see if it got stuck again. It did. Same method worked without any problems to get it back out. Very easy solution to an unfortunate problem. Oddly it doesn't get stuck in slot B....

    Take a credit card-like object. Push it in the memory slot against the bottom side of the memory card (cut or don't cut; I just put the corner in w/o cutting) and pull the two out together. No extra force or squeezing is necessary. I've tried it multiple times, and it's worked flawlessly each time. Data is still there and not corrupted!

    P.S. Make sure your Wii is off and unplugged when you do this. We don't want it exploding by accident.
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