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    Sign Of Batteries Running Out

    OK today while playing Golf the Wiimote wasent working properly. First off when its your turn it makes that "dingding" sound coming from the Wiimote well mine was really croaky and sometimes it didnt do it at all. Then when you swing its usually goes "woosh" on the Wiimote. Same thing applied. Also I was finding it very hard to swing, it was harder than usual.

    I then clicked the "home" button and it had that P1 batteries were still full. What was with this?

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    Ur remote? I was on the lowest baery on my remote but 3 on my wii... Wonder y.. Like my sig?
    I can't choose between my Sigs! Hehe.

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    Maybe you dropped it or something? and if u havn't if there is anyone else in your house who has been playing maybe they dropped it but just to make sure i would change the batteries anyway

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