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    hEY dude remember with the nintendo 64?? bloooooww!!!! and it will work...or restart lol......or just take it back to the store!! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmdan
    hEY dude remember with the nintendo 64?? bloooooww!!!!
    I believe that would be the NES, correct?

    There is no spoon

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    Heheh, I remember when this happenned on the old consoles...

    Basically whenever you start up, the console sets a default position for the controllers joystick, and that default position is when the X and Y factors are both "0", basically this means nothing will happen when the joystick is in it's default position.

    If you were to lean the controller to the side a bit like others have said here, the default position would be when the joystick is tilted to the left/right/top/whatever position you accidentally leaned it to when you turned the console on, which's why when you leave the joystick in the center, the character moves, because that is no longer the default pos.

    So yeah, unplug the controller and re-plug, it always helps to know why these things happen.
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