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    Just because it has a dvd player doesn't mean it has dvd movie play-back, just like with a computer you have to have the decoder, they might not include that to keep development costs, frankly I dont care if it does have a dvd movie player in it since I have about 5 includeing my computer. and only 3 devices to display the movies, 2 tvs and 1 monitor. I really don't need another.
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    its the same thing with the xbox. it can play dvds but you have to buy a dongle that comes with the remote to actually watch them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsdcx121
    Well, there's a whole other thread for the batteries/no batteries discussion, but I don't know exactly what you're talking about when you say "submit it." Are you saying submit it to Nintendo?
    the wii-mote will have 2 aa batterys.

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